Meiyang Chang – Indian Idol Contestant

June 6, 2007

Remember Sanjaya Malakar from American Idol. Out of the blue he had become house hold name in USA. Meiyang Chang is going do same in india?. I think he is already one of the top contestants in Indian Idol. This third generation chinese from India is a dentist by profession who is popular for his good looks and he also sings very well. Overall looks like he has got a pleasant personality. (Don’t know somehow Indian idol site says “Contestant from China” though he himself had said that
he is third generation Chinese in India)

Udit Narayan who is one of the Judges had said that Chang had sung the song even better than Udit himself after hearing the song from chang which earlier was sung by Udit Narayan in a movie. Can have a look at the Chang’s Performance in the below Video


19 Responses to “Meiyang Chang – Indian Idol Contestant”

  1. karishma Says:

    hi meiyang..
    i’m kary from hyderabad.. i think u dont knw dis place..
    i really love u a lot..
    and every day i’m praying god dat u shuld only b de indian idol…
    u look really vvveerrryyy cute and u r really sexy…
    hugs and kisses…

  2. POOJA Says:


  3. Beeba Says:

    Hi MEIYANG CHANG OOPS! DR MEIYANG CHANG i think u r simply da best performer and da reason i like u is bcoz u r a very Easy going kind of a person very down 2 EARTH dnt worry u will definatly win we’l all pray 4 u bcoz we all Love u ere in ZAMBIA

  4. shivangi Says:

    hi meiyang….i can claim that i m one of your so many fans on this earth…i respect u a lot..your singing is exceptionally fabulous n i have never ever in my lyf seen a person so good looking yet humble….i just love u chang…god bless you…

  5. chang i think u r just too cute and handsome.ur voice ke kya kehne, it is so very soothing.i just wish u all da best 4 ur next performance and i just hope that u r our next indian idol!

  6. shruti srivastava Says:

    namaste chang
    hi i am shruti srivastava ur 18 yrs olf fan from allahabad. in my opinion chang is the most beautiful human being ive ever seen with very beautiful thoughts and a very beautiful way of looking at life.may u win
    love n luck

  7. sehrish Says:

    hi i m sehrish from pakistan chang i think u r just too cute and handsome.ur voice ke kya kehne, it is so very soothing.i just wish u all da best 4 ur next performance and i just hope that u r our next indian idol!

  8. Gulshan Says:

    I am just crazy about meiyang, he is the most suitable person for indian idol.

  9. Chanu Says:

    Hey chang!m studyin dentistry in 1st yr n despite al dat ZOE mixin n amalgam stuff,u rly makes my day bright,thx u,u wil b blessed!

  10. Dr RK Mahajan, Chandigarh Says:

    Dear Dr Chang
    I think you are most deserving INDIAN IDOL, an IDOL the youth should follow and emulate. It is not only singing potential but your other characteristics that make me project you as Idol.You have excelled in education, you have a profession, you have compassion You exhibit compassion for others and passion for your profession and pastime (singing). You have cool and warm personality, you have soft voice but strong enough to assert your own style. I wish youth world-wide could see in you an icon worth following

  11. i love chang.

    visit my blog also to read more about indian idol.

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    i have almost a full coverage of indian idol.

    but i really loved this bloggomatic also.

  13. radhica Says:

    Hi…Meiyang this is Radhica from Pune.I wanna wish u all the best for the coming galas..u r simply the best ya u have always give KICK ASS prfmncs..u have always sung flawlessly..ur dreesing style is mind blowing..i can control ma self frm voting for u..! the kurtas whic u were r awesum..i goe weak in ma knees whn eva i c u..! m insprd by u to wear kurtas,srsly….! U rock ya..wish u were in pune or mumbai as a dentist i would hv visited ur clinic by,”sum or the other BAHANA”…!

  14. KUenzang Tsoki Says:

    hey CHANG….KT here from BHutan…just wanted to let u know that i am a huge fan of yours. I think u TOTALY ROCK!!!

  15. Kamariah Says:

    Hi Dr Chang! Kam from Singapore. The 1st time I saw your audition edition on youtube I went ‘OH WOW!’ though I don’t understand a single word you sang but I could feel the emotion and feeling, simple amazing! Keep on Singing….ALL THE BEST!

  16. rawlley Says:

    chang im a big big big big big huge huge fan of yours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!you are the indian idol

  17. Sunil Says:

    Meiyang Chang deserved to be the Indian Idol. I was totally mesmerized by his flawless singing voice.
    I hope Anu Mailik gives him a chance to sing as play back singer in his upcoming movies. Chang as a person seems to be nice gentle person. I wish him good look for his future endavors.

  18. sabeen Says:

    hi chang,
    how are u.iwill really miss u in indian idol.aap please apni album jaldi banana.

  19. faiza Says:

    hi chang,
    you are so cute and sweet.ilike u very much imiss u alot.your voice is so nice and toching my heart.i really miss you.

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