The Random Name Generator

September 16, 2010

Came across this Random Name Generator while I was looking for some Names, which i wanted to use in my wireframes for showing the list of Patients. Very handy link for the UI Designers to use in Mockups. Here is the link of it


Stumbled upon this good page which explains how Applying Edward de Bono’s Six Thinking Hats method can greatly improve our web design process. Thinking in these hats, we can be more objective, focused and productive.

original link

Alphabetical Paperclips

September 24, 2008

Alphabetical Paperclips can be used to file documents alphabetically or arranged to form words

Google webmaster on How to start a multilingual site explaining things to consider while creating a multilingual website which are

  1. Site structure
  2. Geographic targeting vs. Language targeting 
  3. Content organization

For someone who is interested in information design here is a cool resource link. It is a great compilation of Information design patterns well explained in detail and real world examples.

Wondering what is the secret behind the Fantastic Apple’s Designs and the process followed by Apple Designers. Here it is. Click on the following link to read Apple’s Design Process

“You know a design is good when you want to lick it,” says Steve Jobs, founder of Apple Computer. But a truly iconic design must do more than make you salivate. It must have social impact too.

Great design should marry aesthetics with practicality, providing solutions to everyday problems – even if you didn’t know you had them before they came along.

CNN has picked out five great designs from the last 100 years. They are all products which have fundamentally changed the lives of millions of people.
Volkwagen ‘Beetle’
The Leica camera’
The ballpoint pen
The iPod
The London Underground map


Reynaldo Ojeda, a Salsa dancer with one leg, has become an inspiration in Colombia and a YouTube phenomenon.His dream is to compete in a professional salsa competition in the U.S. and he is saving up to make that dream come true.

Source: Reuters

Chak De India scores yet another hit, not on the box office this time but in the Management classroom. This movie is all about the Indian women’s hockey coach and team. A story about how the Indian women’s hockey team that overcomes odds and goes on to win the world championship.

Shah Rukh khan’s Chak De India is going to be a case study in a First year MBA Course at Aryan Business School (ABS), Chandigarh.

“The film will be taken up as a case study through which management students would study various aspects of management which can help them to be good and effective leaders in the future,” ABS chairperson Anshu Kataria said

Indian Business Tycoon Mukesh Ambani has become the world’s richest man beating the Microsoft chairman Bill Gates, Mexican Business Tycoon Carlos Slim Helu and Investment Guru Warren Buffett courtesy the bull run the in Indian Stock Market [Sensex]